Still Life Season


Every year about this time, when the temperature inevitably drops well below freezing, I find myself suddenly passionate about still life. My imagination experiences a kind of rebirth and begins to thrive in direct proportion to the extent that the rest of my body begins to resist any sort of activity whatsoever. So, late at night, as I lay awake long past the hour when I should be sound asleep, (the result no doubt of too much food and coffee) these visions come to me. One after the other, I get ideas for shots – particularly the kind that require working in a heated studio, with plenty of music and coffee on hand. And that just about sums up what I've been up to these past weeks – coming up with ideas for still life and spending every spare moment I can scrounge to bring them to life. There are lots more on the way, but if you check the main site, you can see some of the newly added work under still life.